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Yin yoga at home

Easy does it Tell me: what would be more convenient than practicing yoga at home? Think of all the benefits: You will save on travel time You can do it anytime you want and are not dependent on yoga school schedules No need to arrange childcare No worry about being...

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Banana bread that makes you happy!

Double whammy One of the reasons I love yoga is that it serves both my body and my mind. Not only does yoga allow me to build strength, increase flexibility and improve balance. It also helps me to calm my mind and be more focused on the things I am doing. Similarly,...

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Yin Yoga Anywhere!

The wrong reasons... Over the years, and particulary since I am teaching yoga classes, I have been hearing all kinds of reasons why people are not practicing yoga. They often come down to one of the following: "I am too stiff". "I don't have time." "I prefer to have a...

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Upper body yin

At this time of year, my most favorite form of yin yoga is upper body yin. I have never really been able to put my finger on the exact reasons. Perhaps it has something to do with the change in our body posture as the temperature drops.

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FOMO Sapiens

As you may know, I am big podcast-fan.
One of my favorite podcasts is called Fomo Sapiens. It is hosted by Patrick McGinnis, the guy who apparently first came up with the term FOMO. In each episode he interviews someone with an interesting story. For example, a social media expert who explains how we are being manipulated by social media.

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Count your blessings

Everywhere I seem to come across stories about people who have completely shifted gears. Quit their jobs. Left their wives or husbands. Deleted all their social media accounts. Apparently they felt unsatisfied. They expected to find the answer in doing everything...

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